IVF Transport

Bringing Life Home

Worldwide Hand-Delivery Transportation Services for Frozen Sperm, Eggs, and Embryos

Why Choose IVF Transport Information for IVF Clinics
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Actual Hand-Delivery

We keep your precious cargo at our side from pick-up to delivery

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Paperwork Made Easy

We complete all required documents directly with your IVF clinic

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Security Exemptions

We ensure that your sensitive materials are not exposed to X-Rays

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Seamless Border Crossing

We ensure pre-approved customs clearances anywhere in the world*

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Constant Communication

We personally keep you informed at every step of the journey

Unique IVF Transportation
Experts You Can Trust

Safely delivering your dreams to your doorstep is our profession. Your precious cargo will only be handled by experienced fertility scientists fully trained to transport cryogenically stored reproductive materials.

Available exclusively from IVF Transport, we guarantee to carry your shipment with us on board the airplane to make sure it stays safe!

Despite what other transport services might promise, none offer this level of personalized hand-delivery service by actual fertility experts.

*Geographical restrictions may apply

How IVF Transport Works
Specialized Service Like No Other

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Step 1

The patient (or fertility centre) contacts IVF Transport by email, telephone, or website form to provide a transportation itinerary, and suitable delivery date.

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Step 2

IVF Transport provides the patient with a highly competitive all-inclusive price quotation and scheduling options for its transportation services within a few days.

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Step 3

Upon receipt of payment, IVF Transport ensures all legal/regulatory paperwork is duly completed, and confirms the travel arrangements.

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Step 4

IVF Transport scientists personally travel to the releasing fertility centre and retrieve the frozen cells in a container called a "dry shipper".

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Step 5

Security pre-screening exemptions allow IVF Transport scientists to clear the dry shipper through airport security/customs without exposure to X-Rays.

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Step 6

IVF Transport scientists hand-carry the dry shipper on board the aircraft to constantly monitor and maintain its cryogenic condition and safety throughout transit.

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Step 7

IVF Transport scientists deliver the dry shipper by hand directly to the recipient fertility centre, while ensuring a legal and safe transfer of ownership.

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Step 8

Once delivered, IVF Transport contacts the patient directly to confirm the successful delivery and transfer to the receiving fertility centre.

Global Reach
Dreams to Reality

From the Americas, to Europe, Australasia and Africa, IVF Transport services are available to any patient or accredited fertility centre where local laws permit the import and export of human reproductive materials.

Our experts can provide guidance on a case-by-case basis to ensure a lawful process for all parties involved.

Preparing Shipments

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T105 License Condition

All gametes/embryos must be packaged and transported in a manner that minimizes the risk of contamination, and preserves their required characteristics and biological functions. Packaging must also prevent contamination of those responsible for packaging and transportation.

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T106 License Condition

All gametes/embryos must be shipped in a container that is designed for the transport of biological materials and that maintains the safety and quality of the gametes/embryos.

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T108 License Condition

The container/package must be secure and the gametes/embryos must be maintained in the specified cryogenic conditions. All containers and packages need to be validated as "fit for purpose" by an authorized accreditor.

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T107 License Condition (Standards)

Transport conditions, including temperature & time limit, must be specified with: (1) Full contact information of the establishment and contact person from which the package is being transported;(2) Identification of the establishment of destination and contact person to take delivery of the package; (3) Date and time of transportation. The container/package must also be secure and the gametes/embryos must be maintained in the specified cryogenic conditions. All containers and packages need to be validated as "fit for purpose" by an authorized accreditor.

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T107 License Condition (Labelling)

Labelling of the container must include: (1) Conditions of transport relevant to the quality and safety of the gametes/embryos. (2) Clear “DO NOT X-RAY” warnings; (3) Clear "BIOLOGICAL HAZARD" warning when a materials are known to be positive for a relevant infectious disease marker.

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IVF Transport is the only transportation service offering fertility scientist-led hand-delivery of reproductive materials for IVF treatments. To get a quote, or for more information, please complete our contact form.

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